We are making high-quality details from plastic and aluminium. 

Plastic mechanical machining

We are milling, lasercutting, profiling and thermoforming. At ECCOM we can also handle foam materials also - PE foam, polystyrene, PUR, PIR. 

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CNC milling

We are milling since 2005 and our biggest strength is making protos and special projects. We are using up to 7 axis milling capabilities and manufacturing for industries, advertising companies, museums and artists. Mostly making spare parts, fixtures, molds and models, prototypes and details for R&D.  Our main focus is on plastic and wood, but we can also handle foam, composites and aluminium. 

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We provide professional prototyping service for wooden and plastic details. We also can handle your reverse engineering projects and when volume is not in millions, we are able to fulfil your series production needs as well. If needed, we can combine different materials, so will rise your efficiency and lower your cost for logistics.

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Molds and models

We are manufacturing molds and models for thermoforming, carbon and fiberglass production, also for concrete details.

We have made complex and big models for marine and aviation industry, for museums. You can find details manufactured using our models from Tallinn TV tower and Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology.  Also from car and car protos. We can make models out of plywood, foam, plastic or aluminium.

We will provide you with plywood protomolds and also with aluminium molds, when you are ready for mass production. It will keep your costs down and save your time.

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3D Laser scanning

We offer 3D scanning service and can provide CAD models, if needed.

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Laser cutting

We are using CO2 lasercutting systems for plastic and wood and fiber laser systems for metal marking. 

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